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Cornea Soaps

5 Piece Gift Box Set

5 Piece Gift Box Set

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The perfect Bath and Body Gift set made for any special occasion. This gift box set is so versatile it will make the perfect gift for anyone celebrating a Birthday, Wedding, Housewarming or to just say I love you.

----- INSIDE THE BOX -----

One 4 inch round exfoliating body brush.

One Handcrafted Soap Bar

One Handcrafted Bath Bomb

One Crystal infused Menthol, Lemon & Eucalyptus Shower Steamer

One Cylinder Botanical Bath Salts

----- NEED TO KNOW -----

Body Brush - 4 inch Round
Soap Bar - 4.5+ oz
Bath Bomb - 4.5+ oz
Shower Steamer - 2oz
Bath Salts - 1oz

----- SCENT/NOTES -----

Hand Crafter Soap:

Oats & Honey: Smells Like Honey and Oats; Soft Scent

Pineapple Papaya: Smells like Pineapples and Papaya; Fresh Scent
Lemon Eucalyptus: Smells Like Lemons and Eucalyptus; Fresh Scent
Lady Lavender: Smells like a field of Lavender; Fresh Scent
Evergreen Forest: Smells Like the Pine Tree Scene in Sorin' Over California; Fresh Scent

Hot Guy: What you expect Ryan Reynolds getting out of the shower; Masculine Scent
Fierce: What you expect Johnny Depp getting out of the shower would smell like; Masculine Scent

Crayola Rainbow: Smells like Fruity Pebbles; Sweet Scent
Bite Me: Smells like Fruit Punch; Sweet Scent

Bath Bombs:

Sunflower: Smells like Sunflowers & Sandalwood
Southern Peach: Smells like a fresh sweet peach.
Rose Gold: Smells like Sweet Raspberry and Tulips
Lady Lavender: Smells like Lavender
Cotton Candy: Smells like clouds of cotton candy
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